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Prayer: Making It Personal

Is it strange to write out a prayer? It’s not necessarily common practice, yet in times of great trial, I’ve had friends write out their prayers in emails to me, and they are treasures of peace and promise. How often have you had someone pray over you and in the midst of their intercession did you wish someone was writing down their words?

When we say prayer is a gift for your sponsored child, we hope you think of those times when the specific prayer of a friend has lifted you out of despair or discouragement, or how those words knit your hearts together and formed the basis of a great friendship.

I am seeing the power of my prayers in the brief letters I receive from my sponsored child, Leakhana. A few months ago she wrote, “thank that you pray for me every time. You are my special people.” That card also included a mention of her desire to learn both English and the Bible, so when I responded I mentioned that I would pray that she develop confidence in her school work and strength in God’s word.

When I finally received a response, the first few words were enough to make my heart leap for joy:
“Hello sister Kate. How are you? What are you doing? I miss you. And you?” Leakhana wrote in English before switching back to Khmer.

What sweet evidence of answered prayer! Just those few English phrases increased my desire to pray and write to my girls.

Our staff in the field tell us that children know when their sponsors are praying. The trust that builds with a few scratches of a pen and a prayerful intent cannot be measured. Just look how Manijila responds to her sponsor’s faithfulness:

Thank you for your pray and love for me. Then also please pray for my study and my work and duty at home and church as I am the worship leader. So pray that God give me his knowledge to lead my choir team and fill me with his strength and power and Holy Spirit all day. And please pray for my team also. And for my family and friends!

What a wonderful prayer list! If I can encourage you in one thing regarding the prayer card, please make it personal to your sponsored child. Mention requests they've had, or respond to needs they've expressed.

Do you keep your sponsored child’s letters? I keep my girls’ cards and letters in one place so I can review them before writing, or when I need to remember that child sponsorship is a process for which there is eternal fruit, if not results here on earth.
How do you plan on praying for your sponsored child? Please share your thoughts and tips in the comments below!

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