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Tip Tuesday: Seasonal Subjects


Now it is rainy season. I like to wet in the rain. In this season we get many kind of fruits… what’s your favorite fruit?

I smiled at the sweet question from my sponsored child in Bangladesh, Munni. And it gave me an idea of how to respond beyond my favorite fruit: I’ll tell her about the joy of autumn, my favorite season, and how the leaves change when the weather turns cooler.

Which leads me to my first tip: write about the current season where you live. Your sponsored child may experience a rainy season or drought, but do they know about autumn? (We recommend using the word autumn because the term fall could easily be mistranslated.)

Include a picture of brightly colored trees. You could even find a few colorful leaves, mount them on paper, and laminate or cover them with clear contact paper for your child to see. Tell them about typical autumn activities for your family: searching for the perfect pumpkin, raking the leaves that fall. Write about how you make apple cider or your favorite seasonal snack.

You could do this for each season – that’s four letters right there. Be sure to ask about what season your sponsored child is experiencing. What is the rainy season like? What do you enjoy about the rainy season? Is there anything you don’t like?

That’s another tip: if you’re writing about your daily life or special events, remember to ask your sponsored child about their life. It reinforces the idea that you care about them when you want to know more about them.

In my response to Munni, I’ll write about the aspen turning – in Colorado, we use that term because they change so fast, seemingly overnight. Suddenly the hillsides are blazing with gold, in stark contrast with the pine trees that don’t lose their deep green needles.

I’ll also include a few pictures for her to see: one of a mountain side awash with yellow, then a
close-up image of an individual tree so she could see the distinctive bark.

I’ve been taken with aspen trees since I moved to Colorado a few years ago because in them I see the character of God. A grove of aspen originates from a single seedling, with a deep root system that sends up new trees – very much like how we are connected through history to the heart of Christ.


But my favorite characteristic of aspen is their bark – the smooth white trunks punctuated with black scars, visible reminders of growth, natural pruning, and wounds. Aspens are beautiful in all seasons, even in the depth of winter when the black scars stand out the most. It’s a reminder to me that God can make even my hurts and disappointments beautiful and an encouragement to others.

A third and final tip: always be aware of how you can emphasize what God is doing in your heart, or how you see God working around you. Yes, talking about how a tree reminds you of God could seem silly, but it could also open their eyes to the messages in His creation (Romans 1:20).




Reader Comments (1)

Thank you for the wonderful ideas! I just signed up to sponsor a child and was wondering what I would write. Thanks again for your thoughtful inspiration. Praise the Lord!!

February 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRuth Hickman

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