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World Malaria Day

Did you know today is World Malaria Day?

Most likely not, as we don't often think of malaria in the United States. The biggest risk we face from a mosquito bite is a nagging itch -- but well over half of the world (3.3 billion people) face a much more pernicious result after a mosquito bite: malaria.

Last summer we prayed against malaria during our 32 days of prayer campaign. (You can refresh your memory by clicking here.) How do we defend the children we serve against malaria?

We focus on prevention and action. Mosquito nets are highly effective and protect the most vulnerable: children and mothers. Our staff can be trained as Health Care Workers, helping diagnose the most common conditions children face, including malaria. Our programs also teach children to look for ways to eliminate the places mosquitoes like to breed, such as stagnant, standing water.

When you sponsor a child, you provide a different type of net: a net of prayer and concern that envelops the child. Your support allows a child to come in contact with caring, knowledgeable adults who will notice when a child doesn't feel well or has missed activities. Sponsorship is a new kind of safety net, an effective one we are most happy to provide for our kids.

Thank you for the way you have reached out to a child in the developing world. Thank you for providing means to lift them out of poverty and to place them on a brighter path.