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Day 4: What Is It? 

Can you guess what this is?

Many of our friends on Facebook posted good guesses. Melissa Walton thought it might be some sort of cloth. Gary Evans agreed (after throwing out his standard "banana?" guess) and Heather Brixey took it one step further by asking if it was a sleeve or some type of cloth.

All of these guesses are so close!

Yes, cloth has something to do with it, and Heather's guess of a sleeve isn't too far off because it does play a role in protecting part of a limb.  

So, what's the full image?


These three boys in Kenya are taking part in a class project. After learning about the dangers that trash (and especially plastic bags) pose to the environment and to the livestock on which their families depend, the class decided to act. While cleaning up their local market and land around the project, the students also made sure to educate the adults in the area, so they could be good stewards of what they had been given, too. How sweet is it to see these boys so engaged, working hard to improve their surroundings?

That is the power of sponsorship. By giving children the opportunity to learn, they can take it one step further and make an impact in their community. As a sponsor, we may only see one part of the whole picture -- the few years we are given to invest in these children. The bigger picture is God's realm -- only He knows the plans for these children and how they will change their family, their village, and their world. 

We hope you enjoyed the What Is It? game this week. We'll continue to play in the coming months, because the stories behind these photos deserve their own posts. In the meantime, we'd like to ask if you've been impacted by the bit you've seen of your sponsored child's life. What small detail has spoken to you? Leave your answer in the comments section below. We'd love to hear from you!


Day 3: New Photo, New Guesses

Can you guess what this is?

If you have an eye for detail or want to get a better picture of the world our sponsored children inhabit, join our "What Is It?" photo game!

The image at left is only a small portion of a photo on our blog. We welcomed your guesses: Joe Schofield guessed it was a chain, and Merry Lemons agreed, thinking it might a chain for a bicycle. Rebekah Jordan thought it might be the corner of a woven basket, and Ann Ehli threw out tires as an option.

So what is it?

In some ways, Ann was the closest because these definitely help people travel:

This man in Bangladesh repairs peoples' shoes using the stack of soles we highlighted in the first image. Shoes are crucial for children in particular -- not only do they protect a child's foot from cuts and parasitic diseases, shoes may be part of the entry ticket into schools. Thus shoes are repaired again and again, and may be shared among siblings. No doubt this man provides a crucial service to his community and hopefully makes enough to provide for his family as well.

Day 2: What Is It?

Can you guess what this new piece of an image is?
Join our What Is It? game!

The image at left is a portion of a full photo on our blog.

Can you find the bigger picture?

We had several people make brilliant guesses. Gail Aadland thought they were stacks of dried manure, which Paige Pickens seconded, rightly calling them "fuel patties." Gary Evans came close in calling them bricks for building, because they are placed strategically on a building.

The full image?


This home near one of the slums in New Delhi shows the ingenuity of its inhabitants. Cow manure is laid out to dry in the sun, then stacked and carefully covered on the roof until further use as fuel in their cook stoves. If someone tries to steal this family's fuel source, surely the thief will be heard as they scramble across the metal roof!

Excellent guesses, friends. We'll post another What Is It? photo in a few hours! 



What Is It -- Can You Guess?

Introducing a fun new series on our blog. What Is It? Well, actually, that's the name of the game!

This week we'll post a sliver of one of our favorite photos. You'll have 24 hours to make a comment with your guess before we reveal the answer (and post a new What Is It? photo!)

First up:


Can you guess what this is?

We had several guesses on our Facebook page:

Jennifer Groves was the first to guess it was a hat, and Therese Mills caught the part of neck and pink shirt below. Dave Probus made the Swaziland connection.


So what is it?


The full image:


The story:  Our child development centers in Swaziland throw a wonderful party for Jesus' birthday, and these sweet children are praying before the festivities begin. Many children in our projects have been orphaned by the HIV/AIDS crisis; they and several siblings, cousins, and neighboring children may be in the care of an elderly aunt or grandmother. Attending any sort of party is a rarity, but the way our projects celebrate Jesus' birth is an event to remember for these children.

You can see more photos from the Christmas celebrations at our Swazi projects here.