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Tour Of Homes: Asia (Part 2)

Our final group of homes in this 'round the world tour...has this series helped you understand how your sponsored child lives?

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Tour Of Homes: Asia (part 1)

Does your sponsored child live in Asia? If so, they may live in homes like these...

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Tour Of Homes: Africa

Homes in Sub-Saharan Africa reflect an ingenuity fitting of their sparse environment. Could you build a home out of mud, sticks, and tin?

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Tour Of Homes: Middle East

While some of our projects are located in rural areas, we also work with children who live in cities. Our projects in the Middle East reveal the rigors of urban living for the working poor. What does your sponsored child's home look like?

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Tour Of Homes: Latin America

Have you ever wondered what your sponsored child's home looks like? If you're the curious type, you'll enjoy this week as we travel around to each of the countries where Mission of Mercy works and show you the types of houses your sponsored children call home.

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