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What Is Ramadan?

Muslims around the world are preparing to celebrate the beginning of Ramadan. If you sponsor a child with a Muslim background, what does that mean for daily life?

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Happy Easter!

Some of the staff of Mission of Mercy want to wish you a happy Easter!

May the joy of the Risen Lord be yours this Easter! Thank you for helping us bring the hope of Jesus to children around the world!

Celebrating Easter

How does your sponsored child celebrate Easter? Some of the traditions are more familiar than you'd think...

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Quote Of The Day: Easter

In a letter to her sponsor, Temaswati from Swaziland asks,

Jesus Christ died for our sins in April, when did Jesus died in America? Please give me the month.

Just a reminder to write to your sponsored child about your Easter traditions, and perhaps to clarify that yes, Jesus died (once for all) in April!