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Thankful For Your Effect

In addition to Thanksgiving, this week was International Girl Effect Week. We've written about this before -- about how powerful even an extra year of education can be for a girl, and the challenges girls face in the developing world.

But it's not just girls -- simply encouraging a child to stay in school, to work hard, to emphasize that you believe in them has tremendous power. For young boys with few positive male role models in their community, your words may have more weight than you know.

Which is why we are so thankful for you. Your support and commitment to changing the life of a child creates a new dynamic for their growth and development. Your prayers give hope and encouragement, and your words proclaiming their worth in your eyes are treasured.

Your sponsored child may not have developed the eloquence to fully express their thanks, so we want to do it for them. THANK YOU. Thank you for the effect you have on the children of the world.