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Capturing Christmas At Our Projects

If it feels like you gave toward the Christmas Gift Fund a long time ago, rest assured that the Christmas festivities are fresh in your sponsored child's mind!

We receive photos from the Christmas celebrations every year and thought you might like a glimpse into the festivities:

The Christmas Gift Fund allows our projects to put on special Christmas programs. Children receive a special meal to celebrate Christ's birth, and they really enjoy it!

The projects also tell the story of Christ's birth in nativity plays put on by the children for the children, their parents, and community members. The children take this quite seriously, as you can tell from the photos below.

The Christmas Gift Fund also allows our project staff to purchase gifts for the children -- and what your sponsored child receives is presented as a gift from you! These gifts point to the greatest gift we ever received in Jesus Christ, and just like your celebrations at home, the gifts are treasured.

Many of our programs use these festivities as an opportunity to throw a birthday party for Jesus! Some years there is cake, and there are always games and party favors.

Thank you for helping us throw great parties in Jesus' honor for children who may not otherwise get to celebrate His great gift!

The Joy Of The Season

Half of the fun of our Christmas Gift Fund is knowing that soon enough, boys and girls will receive wonderful presents from you, their sponsors.

The other half is anticipating the photos of children thrilled to receive these presents, surprised by the generosity and so thankful for the gift.

In some ways, these photos remind us of how we are to embrace the birth of Christ -- a gift without measure, unquestionably generous and worthy of praise.

That's why we love these this photo from a Christmas party at one of our projects in Honduras. Such quiet joy in his face!

But the children receive more than presents. Most projects serve a special meal. Some also put on a special Christmas presentation, complete with the story of the birth of Christ as the kids perform a play or other songs and activities. This is a hugely important outreach to the community and parents.

Thank you for helping us share the joy of Christ this season. It does more than simply put a smile on the face of a child -- it helps bring hope, truth, life, love, and mercy to entire communities in a tangible way. To see how the Christmas Gift Fund has been used in the past, click this link.

Decking The Halls

Your gifts to the Christmas Gift Fund ensure that each child gets a present... but our staff goes further than that when it comes to celebrating Christ's birth! Check out these photos from the Dominican Republic!

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Celebrating Jesus' Birth... And Life!

It's that time of year -- time for the sweetest photos that make you laugh out loud. Our friends and ministry partners in Swaziland, Children's Cup, know how to throw a party, especially if it's celebrating Jesus!

If you want to see more of this awesome party, click to read more. In the accompanying photo gallery you'll see what it’s like for a child to encounter Jesus and the celebration of His birth in a whole new way... from the child's perspective!

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Sending Christmas Cheer

If our recent post about the Christmas Gift Fund got you thinking about sending a Christmas gift on your own, we have two words for you: please don't.

Okay, two more: here's why...

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Christmas In October?

Do you want to make sure your sponsored child gets a Christmas present this year? It's easy to do and it means SO much to your sponsored child.

Here's how you can make a huge difference... even if it's only October!

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A Christmas Thank You

Photos and reports of project Christmas parties are beginning to trickle in. If you wondered what the projects are able to do with your donations to the Christmas Gift Fund, these pictures will give you an idea of the joy a simple gift can bring.

Click here to see a gallery. Thank you for helping us give each child a gift this year!

Christmas At Our Projects: What A Party!

Our projects in Swaziland throw Jesus a birthday party for Christmas. Do you want in on the fun?

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