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We Think You Can

What will you do with the moments you are given? How can you make a greater difference for the kingdom of God? We want to challenge you to change the world by Monday!

ARC Conference 2013 from One Child Matters on Vimeo.

We were privileged to share this vision with thousands of pastors and church staff at the Association of Related Churches (ARC) All Access Conference today. Moments before the video played, Pastor Rick Warren shared his heart with the conference, and among the many encouraging and wise thoughts he shared with us, he said this:

Having a small church is not a sin -- having a small vision is.

It's so true, but it goes beyond churches. Sometimes we -- ministries, churches, individuals -- don't dream big enough. J.B. Phillips wrote an entire book on it: Your God Is Too Small. 

But we know -- we are realizing, again and again in His graciousness -- that God isn't small at all. He is the biggest God with the biggest dreams for His kingdom on this earth, and He wants to use us. His concern is for the least of these, and always has been. And He is equipping us, His church, His Body, to do something about it.

We at One Child Matters are taking God at His promise and dreaming big dreams. We believe that together we can change the world by Monday. Will you join us?

Think You Can Do It? 

Change the world by Monday.

Seems like one of those big, hairy, audacious goals. How in the world could we claim that it’s possible?

Because we’ve seen it happen, again and again.

Take Zimbabwe, for example. There were churches in Bulawayo trying to serve the children in their community. Their limited resources couldn't go far enough when those kids faced challenges like this:

It’s estimated that two-thirds of children in Zimbabwe are in the care of an older sibling or relative. The average life expectancy in Zimbabwe is less than 52 years, one of the worst in the world. One in seven people in Zimbabwe live with HIV/AIDS, the 5th highest rate in the world. Pastor Wilfred in Bulawayo estimated that in the last three years, he had buried more than 600 people.

How do you change that world by Monday?

You step up and step in. That’s what Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida, did. Members of their congregation stepped forward, and in one Sunday, hundreds of kids were sponsored.

Imagine what that Monday was like, when the staff could tell the children in their programs, “You are sponsored! There’s someone halfway around the world who loves you and cares for you and wants the best for you!”

Bayside Christian Church in Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida, also joined in partnership, and soon the love of Christ became so much more tangible for more than 400 kids in Zimbabwe.

On a Sunday, the love of Christ compelled people to stand up for a child in poverty, and on a Monday, the world is forever changed for that child. The difficult life circumstances can be reinterpreted through this new lens: someone cares for me. I matter to someone one the other side of the world and they keep saying I matter to God. Could it be true?

Change in such tender hearts can happen in an instant, because your prayers are instant. Your support becomes a constant while the messages of the world less insistent and God less distant.

Sponsorship – a new kind of partnership – is that powerful. It can change the world by Monday.