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Meet The New Faces At The New Life Home!

The past few weeks have been very busy for the staff at the New Life Home -- they admitted a record 18 babies! The New Life Home has a special ministry of nursing abandoned babies to full health. Most of the infants in their care go on to be adopted by loving families.

Please join us in welcoming some of these sweet babies with prayer and thanksgiving!

Meet Alfred, a precious young boy found abandoned in a district hospital. Because Alfred’s mother was HIV positive, Alfred has started the anti-retroviral drugs that have been so successful for other babies at the New Life Home. Upon admission, Alfred weighed 5.7 pounds. With his glossy head of hair, Alfred continues to be the picture of health.  

Young Jed was not very happy when he first arrived at the New Life Home, but he soon got over his distress. Weighing almost 9 lb. with a small umbilical hernia, Jed was left at someone’s door in Kibera, the largest slum in Kenya. The staff is pleased he is so alert for his age.

Abira was abandoned at a secondary school and was taken to the local police station. Although her skin was chapped and sore, she weighs a healthy 7.6 lb. and is in stable condition.

Leo was found abandoned near a local primary school. He is on antibiotics for a respiratory infection and is already putting on weight. The staff at New Life Home is enamored with his soulful eyes.


Kathleen is a sweet girl who was offered up by her mother when she was just 3 days old. At just under 6 lb. at her admission, she is a healthy girl.

Irvin has had quite the journey. Abandoned by his mother late last year, a Good Samaritan found him and took him to the police station, who instructed her to care for the child. She did so for several months. When a social services office heard his story, they took Irvin to the New Life Home. He arrived at over 16 lb., a very strong and healthy boy.


If you are interested in supporting the work of the New Life Home and the care they give these little ones, please consider making a donation today. We praise God for the way He provides for children society often overlooks. What a tender Father we have!

New Life Home Stories: Baby Robert


We praise God that within four months of his admission at New Life Home, Robert found a loving forever family in Kenya! You can read more about his journey here.

< June 2012

Robert arrived at the New Life Home in early June. He was a tiny and helpless example of malnutrition. The New Life Home doctor estimated his chronological age as 9 weeks. He weighs only 2.2kg (4.8lb).

When he was initially admitted, Robert’s small wrinkled face appeared worn and troubled. His bright eyes darted around the room, as if to reassure himself that he had found a safe haven at last.

Having drunk hungrily from his bottle he lay contentedly in his warm and cozy incubator. We pray that adoptive parents will come soon for him!

August 2012

Robert is developing so well! It's hard to believe that he has grown so chubby and healthy! He is now well over 4.4kg (9.7lb) and is simply a charming boy. He has a ready smile and loves to chuckle the staff as he gulps down his milk. The New Life Home staff is delighted in his transformation!

October 2012

Praise God with us that Robert has been adopted by a lovely Kenyan family. He made remarkable progress in the four months he was with the New Life Home. Robert's story is like so many dear children who come through the New Life Home -- as they are nursed back to health, families are drawn to adoption and open their arms to these little ones. We love how this shows God's heart for all of us, adopted into His forever family through Christ!

New Life Home Stories: Baby Josiah

< March 2012

Josiah is a three and a half month old baby boy whose mother lives on the streets in Nairobi. His mother has many problems and her life circumstances are horrendous.

New Life Home will look after Josiah for one year and pray that the mother’s life improves, so that she can look after her son again.

Weighing only 2.55kg (5.6lb), Josiah is very small yet strong and alert. The New Life Home staff looks forward to see him grow and develop.

This photo is a peek into NLH's admission process. Babies are given names if their birth names aren't known. Photos are taken and filed and footprints recorded for each infant's file. And somewhere in the midst of all of this, a nice warm bath is given. (Most little ones don't care for this, just like Josiah!)

May 2012 >

Josiah is now 5 months old and at 3.3kg (7.2lb) is very small and dainty. He has been moved into the special care unit with the older babies where he will be more stimulated.

He has just discovered his hands and is fascinated by them! His birth mother continues to visit from time to time.

June 2012

Josiah is now 7 months old. Now weighing only 3.65kg (8lb), the doctors have diagnosed Josiah with failure to thrive and malnutrition. His dainty frame is probably due to his mother being addicted to alcohol while she was pregnant. 

Josiah is still so small and tiny for his age that New Life Home has started to feed him on a very high calorie milk to boost his body weight. He does appear to be intelligent and alert, so we trust that he will catch up soon.

August 2012

Josiah went to the nutritionist and is continuing a high calory, high protein diet. He devours beans and pulses (lentils) with creamy enriched milk and mashed avocado. It is quite the success -- he is gaining weight each week, finally breaking the 9lb barrier.  

New Life Home Stories: A Tribute To Baby Valerie

< March 2012

Valerie was admitted here on 5th March at 7 months, having been abandoned in a forest. It appears that someone had tried to strangle her.

At only 5.6kg (12lb), she is a very sick little girl with a very serious and complicated heart condition called Tetralogy of Fallot, among other health conditions.

Developmentally, she is very behind and due to lack of oxygen she is weak. She needs urgent surgery. The initial cardiac catheterization will cost KES 300,000 (a little over $3500 USD). Praise God, donors have stepped forward to pay for this surgery! After the first procedure, she may benefit from subsequent open heart surgery.

May 2012 >

Valerie is doing remarkably well. The initial procedure for her heart has relieved her symptoms of breathlessness and she awaits open heart surgery sometime this summer.

She has also gained weight, now weighing in at 6.2kg (13.2lb). She has a sweet and gentle nature and is a lovely girl.

Here's Valerie with one of the volunteers at New Life Home. Sweet Valerie has many admirers here!

< June 2012 

Valerie has been generally in good health.

She is scheduled for open heart surgery at Kenyatta Hospital soon. A team of cardiologists from the UK will be performing the surgery for free, New Life Home will just pay for the bed. 

The New Life Home staff has been amazed at the well wishes and financial support that has come in for Valerie. She is a much loved little girl.


July 2012

It is with great sadness that we share news of Baby Valerie’s death.
Valerie had open heart surgery for Tetralogy of Fallot, a serious congenital heart condition. A team of cardiologists from the UK performed the surgery successfully; however, post surgery she developed a pulmonary embolism and went into cardiac arrest.
Valerie’s Kiswahili name, Mpole, means “gentle” and she certainly lived up to her name. Her sweetness and loveliness were observed by all.
The staff at the New Life Home treasured and loved her while she was here with us. Now she is in the arms of Jesus -- He will continue her care forever!

New Life Home Stories: Baby Isaac -- ADOPTED!

The New Life Home is always abuzz with activity, but never more so than with the arrival of Isaac and his brother Levi.

Being abandoned at a regional hospital shortly after birth was the first of many challenges these fraternal twins faced.

We'll follow Isaac and his brother as they heal, develop, and grow.

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New Life Home Stories: Baby Amber - ADOPTED!

Amber's story provides the full picture of going from abandonment to adoption.

Initially found by an older gentleman who was relieving himself in the thorn bushes where she had been left to die, Amber's story is redeemed in a wonderful way.

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NLH Stories: Baby Elaine -- FAMILY FOUND

We first shared Elaine's story earlier in the year, after she was found among the stalls at a local market, abandoned by her mother.

Now we can follow her development as she recovers. This dainty little girl needs our prayers!

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New Life Home Stories: Baby Ruben

We first introduced you to baby Ruben in April. This remarkable little boy arrived at New Life Home a little older than most babies, but just as deserving of love and care. Read on to see how Ruben has grown!

February 2011 >

Admission weight: 7.4kg (16 lb)

Several months after birth, Baby Ruben fell terribly ill. His mother rushed him to the hospital... but then left and never returned.

Ruben eventually stabilized but the hospital staff, knowing he faced more challenges ahead, called one of the only registered medical centers for children in Kenya – the New Life Home.

Ruben was indeed a special case – as the New Life Home medical staff examined him, they were surprised to find 6 fingers arranged like petals around his palms, and his little thumbs were doubled!

Not only that, some of his toes – he had 7 on each foot – were webbed, as well.

In the six weeks since his arrival, Ruben has had one finger and one toe removed from each hand and foot. The surgeons also addressed his double thumbs, much to Ruben’s dismay as he rather liked sucking his thumb! He is such a brave little boy.


< April 2011

The bandages on Ruben’s hands and feet have finally been removed – the surgery was considered a great success, praise the Lord!

Now his most distinguishing feature are his large, soulful eyes, which have caught the attention of many staff and visitors, especially the office administrator who can often be found loving on Ruben.

Ruben relishes the company of others and is not afraid to cry with disappointment when the visitors leave!

Because Ruben’s mother abandoned him at the hospital, very little is known about him. New Life Home staff have designated August 20th as his birthday. He is the picture of health, now weighing in at 9.75kg (21 lb).


May 2011 >

Ruben continues to be quite the charmer. He is growing rapidly, now weighing 10.4kg (22.9lb)!

He can now scoot himself across the floor on his bottom. “Mama” is his favorite word!

In the photo at right, Ruben bonds with Jane, one of his caregivers. Many of the staff love to dote on Ruben.


< June 2011

Ruben is “growing like a weed,” as they say!

(The daily donations of artisan bread from a local bakery certainly help his cause!)

He has the physique of a rugby player but is a tender and loving little boy.

Ruben likes to pull himself up to a standing position and is learning the art of balancing.


August 2011 >

Ruben is growing in confidence and in football skills.

He will certainly be a force to be reckoned with at any sport, seeing as he now weighs in at 12.9kg (28.4lb)!

He loves to chat and is becoming more responsive to his floormates and caregivers.

As Ruben's mother has not come back to claim him, Ruben will soon be up for adoption. Please join us in praying for Ruben's forever family!


< October 2011

When the Mission of Mercy Women's Circle of Caring team visited the New Life Home in October, Ruben led the welcoming party, toddling out to meet the guests.

In the image at left, the acting director of the New Life Home, Guy Bastable, shares Ruben's amazing story with two of the women.

The women agreed -- even in a room full of toddlers, it's hard to miss Ruben with his captivating eyes and gentle demeanor.


November 2011 >

Ruben is a big-hearted and lovable boy. He has a ready smile and is learning to talk.

His favorite day is Wednesday, when he and the other toddlers are taken to Yaya (a local shopping mall) for an excursion.

At the sight of the strollers, you can always count on Ruben to make the “Yaya! Yaya!” announcement, loud and clear for all to hear!

< February 2012

Weighing in at 14kg (30.8lb), Ruben is definitely New Life Home's biggest boy!

He started attending local Montessori School and is learning so much. Here he is in his school uniform -- isn't he handsome? 

He is becoming more determined like most toddlers. He knows his own mind and says “No”! – a good sign of independence!


April 2012 >

Ruben has thankfully slowed down in adding weight, but he still enjoys the artisan breads a local bakery donates to New Life Home!

Ruben has also become more active and mobile. He loves school and continues to be very serious, taking in every detail of his surroundings.

He is a boy of few words but is a deep thinker, and is slowly adding new words to his vocabulary.


< June 2012

Ruben continues to win hearts! And he is still exhibiting signs of being an outstanding footballer! 

Ruben has great ball control and is adept at kicking with his left foot. He can be found with a ball at his feet or in his hands every time he is outside. Perhaps he will be a star one day!

He likes nothing better than to practice his ball skills with willing volunteers. Or perhaps just nuzzling up to them for a quick hug instead.


August 2012 >

Ruben is now the oldest child at New Life Home, having just celebrated his second birthday.

He continues to grow at an incredible rate and still loves soccer. Ruben's serious persona is becoming less evident as he is more eager to smile at the staff. He already had so many admirers -- he is quite the sweetheart!