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Entries in A Sponsor's Journal (36)

A Sponsor's Journal: Be Known For Your Love

Encouragement in sponsorship can be found in unexpected places. This sponsor heard God speak to her -- powerfully -- in a worship song.

May your heart for changing the lives of others be refreshed by this message! Click to read more.

A Sponsor's Journal: Run Or Act?

Kenyans gather to view the fiery destruction caused by a broken fuel pipe in a Nairobi slum. Photo: Khalil Senois/Associated PressA Sponsor's Journal explores the options in responding to the needs of the world. Does poverty always lead to negative things? Or can we use it as a tool?

Click here to read more.

Four Great Letter-Writing Topics

When you think about writing to your sponsored child, do you struggle to come up with something to write about? The inspiration for four letters may be right outside your window...

One sponsor shares an idea of a simple way to share about God's great love for us while allowing your sponsored child to learn more about your life. Click here to read more!

A Sponsor's Journal: Pray For The Teachers

How many teachers had an impact on your life? Do you pray for those who have a direct influence on your sponsored child? Here are some suggestions from someone who's been in the trenches.

A Sponsor's Journal: An Embarrassed Confession

Have you struggled to write out your prayers for your sponsored child? One sponsor reveals her hesitations, and what a project worker in Ethiopia said to change her mind.

A Sponsor's Journal: Make It Personal

How have you responded to the prayers of others? What will it be like for your sponsored child to receive a written prayer? A Sponsor's Journal explores her own child's requests...

Child Sponsorship: What's It Really About?

A Sponsor's Journal: An Easier Way

Is your contact information accurate? How much does a mailing cost Mission of Mercy? How many different benefits can you find in My Account?

Learn more about this important feature and how you can help Mission of Mercy be a wise steward...

What Are You Known For?

Before we transition into the unique games your sponsored children play, how can you use your own region's renown as a launching point? A Sponsor's Journal offers a few examples...

Tip Tuesday: Be A Good Sport

A Sponsor's Journal dives into the sports' world. Here are some great suggestions if you sponsor a boy. Or a sports fan in general!

What If You Lived There Instead?

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were born in your sponsored child’s country? There's a website that gives you a small idea, but should you believe everything you read?

A Sponsor's Journal investigates...

Send Them Your Heart

Another holiday is just around the corner – here are some hints for sending your child some love this Valentine’s Day!

Click to read more ...

Tip Tuesday: Don't Go On That Guilt Trip!

If you feel guilty for not writing your sponsored child, then this post is for you.

A Sponsor's Journal: Take Action

If you're already tired and overwhelmed by this new year, you're not alone. Join the Sponsor's Journal in creating action steps for 2011.

The Year's Greatest Hints (Just Kidding)

Our year in review continues with A Sponsor's Journal -- what were your favorite posts? Here's A Sponsor's Journal refresher, but don't miss the question at the end!

Tip Tuesday: Christmas Letters

If your sponsored child wants to know how you celebrate Christmas, this Tuesday's tip has some things you should know before you write back!

Tip Tuesday: Encouragement For Sponsors

Have you checked out our Tip Tuesdays? Part advice, part encouragement, this post will change the way you think about sponsorship. Click here to read more.

Tip Tuesday: Reach Out And Touch Someone

A human touch breaks down walls. Can your letters do that, too? More reflections from Jack's trip to Haiti, and more encouragement for us as sponsors.

Tip Tuesday: In Case Of Emergency

Sometimes, all it takes is a headline and our minds race to the worst possible thing. So when a crisis hits, how do you know if your sponsored child is okay? The Sponsor's Journal has your answer...

Tip Tuesday: Do You Thank Your Child? 

Yesterday's cute quotations beg the question: are you thankful for your sponsored child? And if so, do you communicate that? Check out A Sponsor's Journal for one sponsor's thoughts...