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Entries in 2010 Top Ten (2)

2010's Top Ten Blog Posts -- Part 2

We confess, it was harder than we thought to draw up this list, so the top 5 is full of ties.

#5 Picture Day (Or Why I Look Good!)

Your child's photo says a lot -- but does it show poverty? There are two stories here -- one is the Picture Day gallery, and the other reveals why you should never judge a child by his or her photo.

#4 A Grenade And A Hearing Aid

Did you know that we have a fund dedicated to helping children in crisis? These two stories illustrate how different those crises can be. One involves the disaster caused by a grenade -- the other, the potential destruction a hearing disability poses.

#3 Redefining Poverty And Other Reflections

Janelle thought she knew what poverty looked like, until a brief encounter in the Dominican Republic turned her world upside down. If you're interested, we also have reflections from a trip to Kenya.

#2 What A Call to Prayer And An Ounce of Prevention Did For A Child

Haiti dominated the news at the start of 2010 and at the end. These three posts outline the effectiveness of our prevention response, and how a small gift saved a child's life, and why your prayers for Haiti are needed now more than ever.

#1 Glimpses Of Home 

It's hard when you get a glimpse of true poverty. Few things shock us more than the stories out of the New Life Home. But it didn't surprise us that this New Life Home photo gallery took the top spot. Who doesn't want glimpses of cute babies with new chances at life?

But it had tough competition in this video from the Dominican Republic. Joseph really wanted to show us his house. His journey home may leave you in tears, but it will also give you an idea of why the work you support is so important.

From all of us here at Mission of Mercy, God bless you for your obedience and generosity. May 2011 be as full of God's work and wonders as this past year has been. If you want proof of those wonders, we're posting a 2010 photo album tomorrow!

2010's Top Ten Blog Posts -- Part 1

We had a lot of fun rereading some of your favorite posts, and we hope you will, too! Here are 5 of the top 10 posts.

#10 In Case Of Emergency

This Tip Tuesday walks you through what Mission of Mercy does when disaster strikes -- and how you'll know if your child has been affected.

#9 Attitudes of Gratitude

The best quotations from our cutest kids. Don't miss these!

#8 Boys Will Be Boys

The first photo gallery to make the list! This proves there is a uniting force among boys around the world.

#7 A Mother’s Thankfulness

A staff favorite. How does this mom show her gratitude? It's a huge feat, especially in rural Kenya. Check it out!

#6 Reach Out and Touch Someone

How powerful are your letters? How powerful was Jesus' touch? Following Jack's posts from Haiti, A Sponsor's Journal makes a surprising connection.

Come back tomorrow for our top 5 stories!