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Writing Advice From Other Sponsors

We've started a new writing campaign, asking you to write your child and include a family photograph with your postcard.

There's not much space on the You Are Loved! postcard, because few people have the time to sit down and write a long letter... and they feel guilty for not writing often enough!

Your child simply wants to hear from you. It matters less how much or how often you write -- it simply matters that you write!

Here's our best advice for making the most of that You Are Loved! postcard:

  1. Don't apologize for not writing -- you only have a few lines to use, so focus on encouraging your child.
  2. Write out your prayers for them, or the verse you are praying over for them.
  3. Confirm that you consider them a part of your family!
  4. Be sure to include a photo! Your photos are treasured.
  5. If you don't have a photo and can't get one easily, draw your child a picture! C'mon, it will be fun and unexpected!

Hiwot's sponsors shared their advice for writing your child is important:

Your child is so interested in the life of their sponsor, and it is a most humbling experience when you know that this child and his or her family is praying for you. And we are very touched that the letter meant so much to her that she has kept it. Your letters really do make a difference in the life of your sponsored child!

And Hiwot's sponsors are right -- your child is very interested in your life and your family, and they pray for you regularly. That's why we are asking you to send a family photo with your postcard -- it will be cherished by your child and their family.

Do you have advice for writing your child? Share it below in the comments!

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