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Capturing Christmas At Our Projects

If it feels like you gave toward the Christmas Gift Fund a long time ago, rest assured that the Christmas festivities are fresh in your sponsored child's mind!

We receive photos from the Christmas celebrations every year and thought you might like a glimpse into the festivities:

The Christmas Gift Fund allows our projects to put on special Christmas programs. Children receive a special meal to celebrate Christ's birth, and they really enjoy it!

The projects also tell the story of Christ's birth in nativity plays put on by the children for the children, their parents, and community members. The children take this quite seriously, as you can tell from the photos below.

The Christmas Gift Fund also allows our project staff to purchase gifts for the children -- and what your sponsored child receives is presented as a gift from you! These gifts point to the greatest gift we ever received in Jesus Christ, and just like your celebrations at home, the gifts are treasured.

Many of our programs use these festivities as an opportunity to throw a birthday party for Jesus! Some years there is cake, and there are always games and party favors.

Thank you for helping us throw great parties in Jesus' honor for children who may not otherwise get to celebrate His great gift!

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