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Your Letters Are Amazing!

For weeks now, we’ve received mail bin after mail bin of your “When I was in school” letters.

And just to be clear, they are so wonderful! So many of you have gone above and beyond what we imagined with these letters.

We asked you to include photos or to draw pictures of your own time in school to help emphasize that you understand the importance of school, and that you experienced the challenges and joys of this unique time of life yourself.

That’s been our favorite part – you all are so creative and so generous with your photos! We know that the children and their families truly treasure photos of you, and these will be no exception!

Check out a few of your letters that really moved us! Thank you for including your sponsored children in your lives in such a creative way!

We loved how this sponsor highlighted specific phrases in the background for encouragement!

This sponsor included a drawing by her daughter -- we LOVED this! We know that many of you don't have copies of your old school pictures, but your sponsored child would love to see any sort of picture from you, we promise!

Yet so many of you chose to send your own personal photos. If you would prefer to make a copy and use that to send on, your sponsored child will still love it. But we thoroughly enjoyed these blasts from the past! We highlighted a few more of these photos below so you can see the detail.

We also really appreciate that you took the time to include captions. Noting your age in the photo is a great point of reference for your child. What a neat photo!

Here's another great one. Some team sports shots never change, do they?

Here's a wonderful class photo. We are so glad the sponsor pointed out where she was in the photo. In some regions, especially India, similar class photos still occur.

If you haven't sent in your letter, there's still time! And if you couldn't seem to find a photo for this activity, please send more photos when you get the chance. They don't have to be school photos, but your child will treasure any glimpse of you.

Thank you for all you do for the children, for sacrificing your own personal mementos and photos to encourage a child halfway across the world.


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