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A Colorful Guide To What We Provide

Sponsorship is a unique gift for a child. Your support opens doors, builds up confidence, and encourages your child’s heart.

Because we often emphasize the importance educational support plays in your child’s life, it’s natural for many sponsors to assume that all of our programs are schools.

Although the roots of our ministry trace back to schools in India, less than half of our programs are schools in the formal sense. Roughly 55% of our programs are child development centers (CDCs), and children attend on certain afternoons or Saturdays for fun activities that help them learn and grow.

Do schools and child development centers differ much in what they provide for children?

Yes and no – because both ministry settings are designed toward meeting the holistic needs of the children, there is some overlap. If something will help a child reach their God-given potential, we want to provide it.

Each project and program is designed to meet the needs of children in a particular region, yet those needs may vary greatly. Some services are provided by the government, as well. Does it help to see the common elements for our ministries in 15 countries around the world?

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