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The Essential Third Question

As we shared yesterday, receiving a letter can be a great encouragement – and a wonderful educational opportunity for your sponsored child.

Of all the questions we included on the “When I Was In School” letter, we agreed that one of the most significant answers your sponsored child will read is the third one:

I had a difficult time learning about _______________________.

Why did we include this question? We want our letters to be uplifting and inspiring, so how can listing our academic struggles encourage a child?

Do you remember your most difficult subject in school? I had several – mostly in math and science. I was a voracious reader, and I relished my history and English classes. Yet one particular teacher shook my confidence in math in late elementary school… and it seems like (looking at my grades after that point) I never quite recovered.

The further I went in school, the more complex the classes became, and the more my misery grew. It was so hard to ask for help, but I had many resources at my disposal -- friends who were more than happy to sit with me as I pushed through, teachers to meet with after school, and most importantly parents who supported me and made sure I could get the help I needed.

Now put yourself in your sponsored child’s shoes. Perhaps they are the first in their family to go to school – maybe their parents aren’t literate and can’t offer help. Many teachers in the developing world work second or third jobs and aren’t available to help. Classrooms are crowded and competitive.

A child’s academic confidence – even in the best of environments – is fragile. Education isn’t an expectation or a right for a child in poverty, and small struggles may quickly build into seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Your sponsorship provides incredible educational support – and we will share more about that in coming weeks. Before we get there, however, I really want you to focus on that third question. Imagine learning that your sponsor – the person you so admire, the person you know prays for
you – also struggled with a subject in school.

Maybe you can share with your child how you were able to overcome it, or what you learned from those struggles. The best metaphor I’ve seen yet is from a sponsor who knew her sponsored boy loved soccer, and shared how practicing math problems helped her strengthen her skills. She compared it to the need to learn to juggle a ball with your weak foot to make sure you could be a strong, well-rounded soccer player. What a powerful way to share some helpful hints!

That’s why the second side of the letter has space for a message for your sponsored child – consider it an opportunity to share encouragement from your own seasons of struggle.

We’d love to hear from you – how did you answer the third question, and what advice would you have for your sponsored child?

Kate is a regular writer for the One Child Matters blog, and continues to be amazed that God saw fit to find a position that uses her passion for writing and general geopolitical nerdness to help others see how sponsorship furthers His kingdom!

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