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Getting To The Why

Medical Mercy is wrapping up their time in Nepal. This is their 80th trip since they began serving several years ago. Since then, they've cared for more than 75,000 kids as well as family and community members.

Undertaking such a mission requires special motivaton, a faithfulness of heart that Dr. Beyda reflects on below. 

At the beginning of this trip, I asked the team to reflect on the question of "why." Why are we here, and why did we choose to do this.

Many have asked me "what" Medical Mercy does, and that is easy to answer. We bring needed healthcare to the children who need it.

I am then asked "how" do we do that. That is easy to answer as well. We hold medical clinics, we build medical clinics and staff them with nurses and local doctors when we can, we train local teachers to become healthcare workers so they can continue to deliver needed health are, we teach first aid, we show them how to filter their water, we show them how to brush their teeth, and we show and teach them good hygiene.

But the question I am rarely asked is "why" do we do what we do. Few really want to know. They are more interested in the "what" and the "how." Both are more tangible, easier to get their minds around. So when I'm asked about the "what" and the "how," I wait for the "why" and if it doesn't come, I offer it. I've asked the team to reflect on the "why" this week. I've asked them to be prepared to answer the question if ever asked. 

I have my answer. It took awhile, but it is there. It's solid, indisputable, non-negotiable, never needing defending, and personal. It is what gives me the strength to climb this "mountain" this week, this "mountain" of long days in clinics, sick children, at times frustrated because we can't "climb" higher because we just can't, and the slow trek upwards of making a child healthy enough to be able to smile and not feel pain. 

I have an answer as to "why." I'll share it with the team soon, and trust that the team will share their answers with me. We may find that we all have the same answers to the "why." But before I do that, I'll spend a few minutes talking to someone who knows me and what my reasons for "why" are. 

He's the answer, you know. 

In all things give thanks,

Dr. Beyda

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