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Sweet New Faces At The New Life Home

We just love updates from the New Life Home! As we welcome the individual babies with prayer, it helps to see how well they are cared for and celebrated.

The New Life Home makes sure the children’s birthdays are celebrated properly, and many of the infants go on to their adoptive forever families with photos of these first birthdays.

And what party could be complete without cake? Here the babies eagerly eat the sugary treat – the staff say that the toddlers quickly learn that cake is for a special occasion and often shout with delight when they see a cake in the room!

This is just a small glimpse into the excellent care these children receive. Thanks to your generous gifts, babies who were once abandoned are cherished and celebrated in a way that reflects their value in God's eyes.

Let's meet some of the newer faces at the New Life Home!



Baby Elin had a bit of a journey before coming to the New Life Home. She was found at the gates of a refugee center and was soon after taken to a nearby hospital.

Because she was premature, the hospital felt it could not adequately care for her, so they sent her to the national hospital. Elin tested positive for HIV, but her rosy cheeks warm the staff’s hearts.

Elin has a lot of company at the New Life Home. Let's meet one of the several sets of twins who have made the New Life home a bustling place!


Lara and Colin arrived at the New Life Home in October, wrapped together in a blanket. Sadly, their mother is in a coma at a nearby hospital, and so far it seems that no other relatives are able to care for the twins. Lara, Colin, and their mother are all HIV positive.

The babies are in an incubator until they put on weight, both were under 5 pounds when they arrived. Colin is assisted by a naso gastric tube in his feedings, but Lara did not like that method at all. Please pray for these precious infants to put on weight so they continue to do well!  


Kevin was found on the roadside by a group of high school students as they walked to school.

You'll notice a pattern in some of the babies' stories. Kevin is one of many who were discovered by students on their way home from school.

The staff at the New Life Home are thankful for the tender hearts of these students who respond to an infant's cries and intervene, giving them a chance at a new life.

In Kevin's case, the police took him to the hospital for an assessment and then brought him to the New Life Home.

Kevin is doing well, engaging with other older babies and delighting all with this big brown eyes.



Little Shanna was also discovered by a group of students as they walked along the banks of the Nairobi River that runs close by a neighboring slum.

Wrapped in a plastic grocery bag shortly after birth, her umbilical cord was still fresh. The boys alerted their school guard. Shanna's rescue team included the school’s janitor and another woman who learned of the situation while passing by.

The police brought Shanna to the New Life Home, where she tested positive for HIV. They immediately began antibiotics and continue to pray for healing for this dear child.  


Twin boys Christopher and Randall, shown here with one of the wonderful volunteers who visit often to love on the children, came from a difficult situation. The boys were taken from their parents after Christopher was burned by a lantern. Their parents live in Kibera, one of the largest slums in Nairobi.

After being treated at the hospital for malnourishment and for Christopher’s burns, the twins were transferred to New Life Home. They quickly adjusted and quite enjoy their new diet of solid food. A court is assessing the family’s ability to care for the boys, and depending on the court’s decision, they may be placed up for adoption.


Most of the New Life Home’s admissions are tiny infants, but every once in a while an older child makes her way to this special place.

Sweet Violet was found abandoned along a railway line. A Good Samaritan took her in for a month hoping someone would come forward to claim her, but no one did. Once the police learned of her situation, they brought Violet to the New Life Home.

At almost two years old, the staff worried how Violet would respond to her new environment, but she took to it immediately. She’s quite the talker, complaining loudly during the doctor’s visits. Because she is so aware, the staff is praying that she comes to understand how loved and cherished she is.

You can support the work of the New Life Home by making donations here.

Thank you for encouraging this incredible ministry to these sweet infants!

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