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How We Help In A Crisis: Yovany's Story

Poverty-stricken environments are rarely child friendly. The risks press in on every side, from unclean water or basic sanitation, to the lack of nutritious food that weakens their overall health.

But every once in a while we hear a story so frightening, it makes our hearts stop – and what happened to Yovany is one of those stories.

Yovany lived in an area of Honduras where few adults could find gainful employment. So Yovany did what he could to help, gathering scrap metal as he came home from school so his mother could sell it for extra money.

One day he found an object that felt so heavy in his hand, he was sure it would garner the extra funds they needed each month. He didn't realize it was a grenade, and when he got home and tossed his bag on the floor, the grenade exploded, inflicting tremendous damage to his body.

Rushed to the hospital, Yovany’s family didn’t know if he would survive, let alone how they would pay the swiftly mounting medical bills.

But Yovany was registered in a One Child Matters project, whose staff rushed to the family’s side. When they sent notice of his accident to our office, we knew where we could turn – to you, and to your donations to the Children’s Crisis Fund.

The Children’s Crisis Fund allows us to respond quickly to emergencies of all shapes and sizes, from the aftermath of super typhoons like the one that recently hit the Philippines, to the aid of children like Yovany who need emergency care.

After multiple surgeries to address the wounds in his arms, legs, and abdomen, the risk of infection was great. The doctors knew Yovany’s left eye was permanently damaged, and the CCF helped get him to follow-up appointments. It also helped the project staff respond to Yovany’s emotional needs as he adjusted to his new reality.

Today, Yovany has worked through his sadness and frustration. He continues to be highly involved with the activities at his project and is doing well in school. “I thank God for giving me a second chance at life,” Yovanny shared with us recently. His mother agreed, saying that “the care you have given my child is a great example of the love God has for each one of us.”

That is the glory of the Children’s Crisis Fund – it acts as an extension of God’s love, moving in response to tremendous need, a tangible expression of His mercy and grace.

Please consider donating to the Children’s Crisis Fund this year so we can continue to help children like Yovany when their needs go beyond what sponsorship can provide. The CCF also allows us to respond to larger-scale events like the disaster in the Philippines after Super Typhoon Haiyan.

Thank you for your generous gifts – we are so grateful for your prayers and support as we meet the needs of children all over the world.

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