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More Prayer Requests From The Philippines

We’re continuing to receive updates from our staff in the Philippines. Here’s what we know, and here’s how you can help:

Three of our projects were in the direct path of the Super Typhoon Haiyan. Those three projects are Daan Bantayan Child Development Center (PH-003), Lugon Malapascua Child Development Center (PH-004), and the Ati Child Development Center (PH-006).

We praise God that so far, there are no major injuries or deaths in our projects – the children are safe.

Here’s what our staff have to say, and ways that you can pray with us:

The needs are tremendous. Due to the extreme poverty in that region, homes were simple and could not withstand the force of the storm. The town of Daan Batayan is “devastated and unrecognizable;” our staff estimates that 90% of the homes destroyed.

One of the best ways you can help is to donate to the Children’s Crisis Fund. This is what we use to respond quickly, providing for basic needs and allowing the projects to become centers of help and hope.

Our staff is seeing this in these devastated communities, where families rode out the storm together in the church buildings that also operate as our child development centers. As one put it, “kids instantly know where to go for help, because it is where they have been getting help all along. God is their safe haven.”

The projects and partner churches will also need help to continue these vital relief efforts. Many of their buildings were damaged, and yet their doors are open, providing shelter to families who have lost everything.

Your generous donations to the Children’s Crisis Fund will help us continue to meet the incredible needs in this area as we help our projects and the communities they serve rebuild.

In addition, here’s how you can pray:

Our staff already has a 40-foot container at the port on Cebu Island which is filled with the protein-enriched rice packs (often called Manna Packs) which are crucial to meeting the nutritional needs of entire families during trying times. Please pray that the bureaucratic red tape is cut away, allowing the container to get to the people who need it most. We know if God can part the Red Sea, He can part red tape as well! We need this container in the northern part of the island, please help us pray it there!

Here are some images of the staff packing up what they had on hand. To continue to meet the needs in these communities, please pray for the container to be released!

Please also continue to pray for those who are trying desperately to locate family members. One staff member shared her heart as she traveled north to find her mother, sister, and family:

“What I saw broke my inner being...but the thought of the people in the middle of it all, made me weak and literally, for that moment, my world stopped... I became speechless but pictures will speak to you in a language only your heart can understand. I arrived home but my mother was not around. They told me she went to the city with my sister, brother -in-law and two nieces to be able to get in touch with me and to ask for help. [When we finally met up] it was a beautiful reunion. 'Thank you,' my mother cried. 'I thought I never get to see you again!' A single hug was enough to ease the pain.”

We praise God that Sarah’s family weathered the storm, but we know countless others are still waiting on word. Please pray that the God of all comfort feels very real to them in this tremendously difficult time.

Friends, thank you for your care and support. Please consider giving to the Children's Crisis Fund. It will help us respond quickly and effectively -- thank you!

Reader Comments (1)

My Heart and Prayers go out to all who have endured this hardship and devastation in their lives. Glory be to Our LORD as HE will prevail over this and triumph will be theirs. For those losses, I mourn, Heartily,with you. May your pain and sorrow pass, quickly, and Goo News be upon you soon. I AM with you in Prayer and Praise to GOD as you are lifted up in HIS Spirit. GOD BLESS and may HIS Shield and Armor protect you from any danger. Peace be with everyone! <3 <3 <3

November 14, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLois Cyr

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