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Update On India And Cyclone Damage

Thank you for your prayers for the children and those who serve them in India!

We praise God that so many people were able to evacuate (more than 1 million people fled from the coastal region in the cyclone's path) and so many lives were spared given cyclone Phailin's scope and strength.

However, the storm response and clean-up are just beginning. We  have received preliminary word from our country staff about damage to some project buildings. Several families also lost their homes, especially in the coastal fishing villages.

As is the case with any natural disaster, we will notify you if your sponsored child is directly affected. We appreciate your patience as the project staff continues to check on areas damaged by the storm; most of the power lines were destroyed and train service disrupted, making communication difficult.

Please join us in praying that those whose homes were damaged can find shelter and food as they begin rebuilding efforts. Water sources may have also been contaminated by flood waters, so please pray for the health of the children and their families.

You can help us respond to natural disasters and medical emergencies by giving to the Children's Crisis Fund. And thank you, as always, for your prayers and support!

Reader Comments (1)

Thanks for your noble work. While the government and many local/domestic NGOs also continue to do what they can, help from other sources like yours is always useful and appreciated.

Best wishes, hopes and prayers.

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