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The Unique Blessing Of Partnerships

Partnerships are a beautiful thing. Because of your help, thousands of children are hearing about the love of Jesus while having their practical needs met in unique ways. We recently heard news of how children benefit when the body of Christ links arms -- this past weekend, more than 240 children received a new pair of shoes, and there are 2000 more to give away!

If you own a pair of TOMS shoes, there's a big group of kids in the Philippines who would love to say thank you! Our friends at Convoy of Hope (who have also helped us get nutritious meals to Haiti after a major earthquake devastated the country) made sure the donated shoes arrived for these eager recipients. Take a look at partnership in action!

This little guy could not wait for his friends to get new shoes, so he helped find all the needed sizes!

As so many children wear ill-fitting shoes, finding the proper fit can take time. Here the shoes are lined up so the children could stand next to them to find the right size!

And then the fitting began! The staff team had this down to a science!

One staff person remarked, "It's hard to imagine how important a pair of shoes can be to families who can't afford them. What a blessing!"

Kids young and old were able to receive a new pair of shoes.

We like to call this picture "Happy Feet!"

Special thanks to TOMS Shoes, Convoy of Hope, and the staff in the Philippines who worked so hard to bless the kids in this special way!

To learn more about why shoes are SO important for children in the developing world, read this story. And thank you for the many ways your partnership provides for children in need!

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