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We Are Sponsors, Too

When you work at One Child Matters headquarters, you are surrounded by the fruit of sponsorship. Large photos of children, some smiling and each of them intent, grace our walls. We hear the success stories, we pray over the hardships many of our children experience.

Our prayers are fervent because we have a decent idea of what these children face every day.

Our prayers are also fervent because we are sponsors ourselves.

Between our headquarters staff and our board of directors, we sponsor 77 children in all but one of our countries (which would be Haiti, and only because most of the children in Haiti are reserved for one of our US church partners).

The number of children we sponsor in each country reveals some of the personal connections we have with a certain region. For example, many of us sponsor children in Swaziland because two of our dear friends and former coworkers are now missionaries to the children our projects serve.

We also sponsor several Kenya children, where we have regular mission trips, including the annual Circle of Caring trip to the Emarti Maasai region. The children we sponsor in India reflect One Child Matters’s long history, as it was founded in Kolkata over 50 years ago.

But more often than that, we were moved to sponsor the same way you were – we read a child’s biography or saw the sweet face of that child in a photo, and we were hooked.
Still, even as staff members, it is far too easy to grow complacent and allow the busyness of our lives to push writing to or praying for our sponsored children off our to-do lists.

Which is why we are so very excited for Hope Uplifted, Hearts United. It started as an idea among our headquarters staff, and then we asked our international staff for input. Do sponsored children value their sponsor's prayers?

Our international partners responded with great passion, and you will see their ideas sprinkled throughout the Hope Uplifted piece. Our Dominican Republic staff called your prayers a tremendous gift for your child. Ethiopian staff mentioned that your support offers change, but your prayers are what transforms the child. And our staff in India provided the theme. Your prayers lift up hope. Your prayers unite your hearts together. 

We all know that prayer is powerful; we see the evidence of it in our own lives. We are so eager to see the fruit of these prayers in the lives of our sponsored children. To help you as you receive your postcard, we've posted the first round of suggestions here, and we’ll continue to share ideas with you throughout the month of June.

But the postcard isn’t the only prayer piece we will focus on this month. On June 15, we are asking you to join us in prayer for the children in our projects, the staff who serve them, and the impoverished and unstable countries in which they live.

Although we regularly gather by departments to pray for our countries, our international staff and partners, and you, our sponsors (if you have a prayer request, you can send an email to, June 15th will take our prayers to another level.

Will you join us in writing a prayer of blessing for your sponsored child, and then magnifying those prayers by bathing your sponsored child and the project staff who serve him in prayer?

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