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It's This Easy...

Do you still have your postcard?

A few weeks ago we sent you a mailing with instructions on writing out a prayer for your sponsored child.

(By the way, if you sponsor a child in the Middle East, your special postcards are coming soon!)

The postcards are taking over our mailroom, and we love it! Have you sent your postcard in?

If not, take a look at some other sponsors' prayers for their sponsored children. It really can be this simple:

Hello my precious friend. I am praying for your family that God looks over you and protects you. As you are growing up, I pray your faith and knowledge of God also grows. I pray for God to bless your health also!

This is my prayer for you. I am believing that our heavenly Father will give you confidence in all you do and an assurance that God is always with you. Trust that He will walk along beside you each step of the way as you mature into beautiful young lady. Amen!

My prayer for you is that you will continue to grow in stature and wisdom, heeding God's voice and working in obedience. I pray you will see change in your family and friends as you tell them more about Jesus. Please tell me if you have any other prayer requests.

What a wonderful way to close -- be sure to let your child know that you want to continue praying for them and ask for their requests!

You can also write out the actual prayer:

Father in heaven, I come in the name of Jesus, that you would surround her with divine protection and always watch over her and her family. That you, Father, would keep on her to be a doctor to help other people be healed and well. In the name of Jesus, Amen.
P.S. Please send me more requests for me to add to my prayer list for you!

Lord, help him to trust in you in all things. Keep him and his family safe from harm. Bless him in his studies so he will grow into a mature man of God. Encourage his heart. Give him hope for a future -- a special future. Let him know you are near and show him how much you love him and see his heart. Let him know how special he is!

Jesus, I pray for my child and his family to know what you want them to be and do. I pray they make wise choices as they learn more of your Word. I pray that they will be filled with your glorious strength to keep going no matter what happens and always filled with the joy you give.

There are so many wonderful phrases on the postcards we've received so far. One sponsor is praying that Jesus' love to be "alive in your heart so you know how special you are to Him." That is our prayer for all of our children!

We will post more examples of prayer postcards as well as more stories about the power of prayer in your sponsored child's life. In the meantime, take a moment and write out your prayer and send it to us!

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