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Group Sponsorship: The Next Level

Anxiously watching as others scrambled up the face of the wall, the young boy wondered if he would be as nimble and quick. They made it look so easy.

Soon it was his turn. Standing at the base of the wall and studying all the funny-shaped grips, he took a deep breath and looked to his right. There was the face of his friend with his pleasant, familiar smile. The boy wondered how his friend would start this climb and decided to begin.

Growing in confidence as he climbed, the boy could hear the cheers of his friends below, dressed in blue shirts, just like Mirazul. There were some strange looks at first when the group arrived, bringing with them a four-foot cutout of a boy. And yet after a while, the cutout blended in with the rest of the boys. They took the picture with them wherever they went.

Trying to keep all of your group members engaged in child sponsorship can be tricky. And yet with a little creativity, you can find ways to include everyone – including your sponsored child – in this unique ministry

Mirazul’s sponsors are a group of boys in Royal Rangers, a program that helps mentor boys into Christ-like young men, empowering them to serve their communities through interactive activities and learning adventures. To continue their ministry beyond their own group in Georgia, they began sponsoring Mirazul in Bangladesh.

The young boys in this Royal Rangers group so loved sponsoring Mirazul that they wanted to make him an official member. In one of their early letters, they included an official guide book with Mirazul’s name inscribed inside the front cover.
Yet there was more to being a Royal Ranger than learning the guidelines. Determined to make sure Mirazul was represented in all of their group activities, they came up with a brilliant idea to make sure Mirazul could join their adventures: they took Mirazul’s picture, enlarged it to (almost) life size, and mounted it on cardboard.
Now Mirazul attends all of their meetings and activities, as you can see in the group picture above. This was the first image sent to Mirazul since they began officially including him in all Royal Ranger meetings.
How must the young boy feel when he sees how much these Royal Rangers want him to be a part of their group, so much that they also included him on a recent rock-climbing excursion.

The Royal Rangers members are learning to interact with Mirazul through short letters. Some boys shared about their favorite sports and summer plans. Some drew their favorite movie or cartoon characters. Another boy asked whether Mirazul had siblings, writing “If you are the only boy, I wonder how it feels. Is it good or bad?”

This Royal Rangers group started sponsoring Mirazul a little less than a year ago, and we look forward to seeing how their ministry to a boy halfway around the world develops with time.

Has this idea inspired you to include your sponsored child more in everyday life? If so, where will you begin?

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Cool stuff!!!!! Takes the focus off US.

July 10, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRebecca Bruce

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