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Simple Idea, Lots Of Fun!

If you want to write an encouraging letter to your sponsored child, we recommend that you keep the content simple and provide good explanations for anything you mention. Ask yourself, “If I was translating this into another language, would this be clear?”

If you are part of a group who sponsors a child, we recommend electing one person to be the author of all your letters.

But if several people want to write to the child – especially if the group is a children’s Sunday school class and you want to keep the children involved in the sponsorship – what should you do?

Two of our group sponsors recently sent in some fabulous letters for their sponsored children. If we look to them for advice, you can boil it down to these points:

  1. One person writes to the child using the stationery provided.
  2. Pass out index cards or similarly-sized pieces of paper.
  3. Allow group members to write a sentence or two, or draw a picture.
  4. Leave the other side of the card blank for translation.

Again, following the keep-it-simple rule, this approach provides your sponsored child with oodles of encouragement and proof that several people care for them. We especially like the colorful paper chosen for some of the cards – can you just imagine the child’s face when she opens the envelope to find such a bounty of love and care?
We have another fine example of group sponsorship to share tomorrow. This group took sponsorship to the next level! Be sure to come back tomorrow to see how they did it!

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