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The Volunteer Network: In Good Company

When you hear the word volunteer, who comes to mind?

Someone with boundless energy? A person with unflagging cheerfulness? An undeniable extrovert? The person with thousands of Facebook friends?

Do you fit that bill?

(We don’t, either.)

How about this, then: Mother. Daughter. Father. Son.

God worshipper. Jesus lover. Prayer warrior. Church member.

Listener. Teacher. Student. Employee. Friend.

We at Mission of Mercy like to add our own titles to the list: Servant. Advocate. Partner.

The Volunteer Network serves the children in our ministry by advocating for sponsorship and connecting like-hearted people with children who need sponsors.

We call them partners because they move where our reach is limited. In churches, in businesses, in homes around the country, volunteers simply share about the power of child sponsorship and how it can change a child’s life for eternity.

There are some requirements for joining the Volunteer Network. First, you must be a sponsor. We’ve found that someone with their own connection to a child in our program has a stronger understanding of Mission of Mercy’s ministry and the benefits a child receives when they are sponsored.

Members of the Volunteer Network have several opportunities to serve. For example, you can make presentations at your church, or speak at other churches, Sunday school classes, or small groups in your community.

And as always, you can move within your own sphere of influence with friends or coworkers. We will provide training, resources, and support so you will feel well-equipped to match potential sponsors with children in need of help.

If you are interested in joining the Volunteer Network, download the application and follow the instructions for submitting it. Help us find new sponsors for the children in our programs!

Tomorrow we’ll hear from some Volunteer Network members on what sponsorship means to them and why they decided to join this team!

Click here to open the Volunteer Network Application.

Reader Comments (1)

Speaking of good company, Monika is SUPER volunteer leader who will not only encourage you but train you on how to do it. Talk about passion, she has a heart for the kids like none other. Her enthusiasm is contagious. I have only been a volunteer less than a year and have learned so much from her. He is precious!!

April 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJanelle Keith

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