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Tour Of Homes: Latin America

Have you ever wondered what your sponsored child's home looks like? The community description in your sponsored child's information packet may hold a few clues, but what does her house look like?

If you're the curious type, you'll enjoy this week as we travel around to each of the countries where Mission of Mercy works and show you a typical shelter.

Some homes are described as wood with tin roofs. If your sponsored child lives in the
Dominican Republic, his home may look like this:

The building materials may be limited, but ingenuity is not! Check out the siding on these homes!

Homes in Honduras may be built of similar materials. If your sponsored child's biography mentioned a home made of sticks and mud, it may look like this. Notice the tin roof and the clever water collection system on the house on the right?

These houses in Haiti also make use of several types of material. The metal roof is quite common.

Has your sponsored child described his home to you? Even though they may be simple in structure, your sponsored child is probably proud of his home, just like these two boys from the Dominican Republic:

“Is your house big? Mine is little but I love it because there I was born and I live.” – Enyi

“My house is from wood. How is your house? Is it big? Does it have many flowers?” – Nelson

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