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A Year Of Prayer And Action

Your love and concern for Haiti was evident in your giving. To date, we have received $280,839.22 for our relief efforts in Haiti. We commited to give 100% of the donated funds and have so far spent $274,420.22 in the field and will spend the remainder on continued assistance and help.

Thank you so much for your generosity. Here is what happened over the course of the year, and what your giving facilitated for these beautiful people.

January 12, 2010

A massive 7.0 earthquake strikes southern Haiti, leveling the capital and killing thousands. Mission of Mercy begins working on a long-term relief plan for Haiti and our northern projects. A Medical Mercy team lands in Port-au-Prince and provides treatment to 750 people who had yet to receive medical attention.

February 2010

The first food distribution begins in northern Haiti to feed our children, their families, and those they care for.

March 2010

Medical Mercy returns to Haiti with pastors and counselors in tow and treats over 1300 patients and counsels and prays for 500 people. They built shelters, delivered water filtration systems, and much more. Another team travels to Cap Haitien to continue monitoring the health of our children there.

April 2010

Food distribution continues with 140,000 enriched rice packets and 788 meal packages. Each package could feed a family of five one meal a day for a month.

May 2010

Mission of Mercy helps two tent cities near Port-au-Prince (Fort National and Dubuisson) construct 60 more stable wood-and-tin shelters and more latrines by providing supplies and employing local men. Prayers begin for a Dubuisson school to be built.

July 2010

Six-month anniversary. Children in Dubuisson start attending school in the classrooms they prayed for. Two containers – roughly 280,000 meals and 1800lb of nutritious peanut butter paste– arrive and are transported north.

August 2010

Mission of Mercy partners with an orphanage in Ouanaminthe to help care for 50 children.

October 2010

Cholera is reported in Haiti. Project workers receive training in prevention and treatment techniques. The Children’s Crisis Fund provides soap, bleach, water filters, and oral rehydration solution to our 15 projects. Hurricane Tomas grazes Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

November 2010

Community members trained in cholera prevention start home visits to the rural areas where our children live. Child development centers become resource centers for training and preventative supplies. 1600 families receive bleach for their water and 5lb of soap. Community-wide hygiene and sanitation trainings begin.

December 2010

Dr. Beyda arrives to assess the health of our children and provide follow-up training. The staff now know how to recognize the early symptoms of cholera and how to intervene.

January 2, 2011

Medical Mercy arrives in Cap Haitien. Clinics start in Limbe, then Cap Haitien, then Ouanaminthe visiting all of our projects and seeing 1600+ children. The malnutrition and cholera prevention programs are working; children are healthier.

January 12, 2011

Haiti marks the one-year anniversary of the earthquake with much reflection. Even as the medical team departs, we recognize there is more work to be done... Our president Mark Pluimer sends this video message from Haiti.

Thank you for your responsiveness and faithful prayer. We could not be meeting needs without you!

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