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Miracle in Kenya: The Return Of Manna

Cries of “Hallelujah!” went up from Mission of Mercy projects in the drought-ravaged district of Malindi in southeast Kenya when they received a second delivery of protein-enriched rice packs. Each packet offers a nutritious meal for a family of six, and over half a million meals were distributed with this shipment.
“Neither the children nor their parents could hide their joy,” one staff member at Joy Child Development Center reported. “Their faces shone brightly...It was talked all over in the home. Manna has returned.”
For many children, the rice packs meant a return to regular meals and improved health. Other staff reported that children danced and cheered as the first pot of rice cooked. Haluwa, a sponsored child at the Rehema Child Development Center, says the rice packs saved her from hunger. “I often went to bed without eating,” she said.
Many parents of children registered in our projects deemed the return of the Manna Rice Packs a miracle. Why? “Because they did not expect the food but our God whom we serve is greater,” said Simon, who works at the Upendo Child Development Center.
Others saw miracles occur in their children. Little Mariam is the third of six children, and her father, a subsistence farmer, could not meet the food needs of his family due to the drought. But worse, he says Mariam used to complain that she couldn’t see well. “Her eyes were yellowish,” he said, but since receiving the rice packs, her sight is being restored. “I think the food has special healing nutrients, and I thank God!” he said.
Mission of Mercy was able to respond to this need through our Children’s Crisis Fund. Your gift to CCF ensures that we continue to have resources to respond to urgent situations such as natural disasters and health emergencies or to provide sustained support to communities in need like Malindi. You can see more pictures of the rice pack delivery here...

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