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Mission Trip Reflections: Kenya

We often write about the difference sponsorship makes in the life of a child, but nothing compares to seeing the impact of a sponsorship project firsthand.

This week we'll post some reflections from those who were able to travel overseas to work with Mission of Mercy and the communities in which we minister. The following is from Mariana, who just returned from a trip to Kenya where they ministered with and to Maasai women and children.

We were about a mile away from the tribe, when we suddenly had to stop by the dry river bed. I looked out my window, and standing before me was this beautiful young girl holding her little brothers hand. She was wearing her tribal dress full of colors and beads. She had about 5 long handmade bead necklaces around her neck. But the most amazing thing she was wearing was her big bright smile. I asked her what her name was in my broken Swahili and if I could take a picture with her. With an innocent giggle, she said her name was Gloria and began to caress my hand that was resting on the window.

It was such an immense feeling to know that even though we didn’t know each other’s language, we communicated with our smiles, hugs, giggles, and most important, God’s love.

We finally arrived and were welcomed by all the mothers of the tribe with their soothing and mesmerizing chanting.

I felt as if I was being lured in by the Sirens in Greek mythology with their singing. They were slowly approaching us with their eyes closed. By their facial expressions, it seemed as if they were in a different world.  

In the background, we could hear the children, all 240 of them, singing and dancing as well. The approached us and began prancing around us in a circle. They were so adorable! Once our welcome was over, we were asked to serve the children their breakfast. They formed a long line and one by one they came with their little plastic cup waiting to be served porridge and half of a banana. The look on their faces was content and full of gratefulness.

In the midst of all the horrible things that are going on all over the world, this tribe is proof that the Lord exists everywhere. I would have never imagined all the beauty and vibrant colors, and love in such a remote place of dry land. Their unity and respect for each other is like no other, that it's clear the Lord's presence is definitely there, and one way to see it for yourself is by looking at the children’s smiles.


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